Our legacy, your lifestyle.

The Paul Heath legacy began in the high-end audio business over 30 years ago when we refused to compromise and chose to only represent and install the most distinguished names in audio. As a company, we continue this tradition today by only working with products and suppliers that we feel possess the highest levels of quality and performance.

Over the years we have developed a completely unique system to distribute both audio and high definition video to multiple independent zones throughout your home – regardless of what room you are in.

As with all of our designs, the concepts are completely tailored to your individual needs. Our architecturally discreet devices can set massive speakers flush with drywall and conceal entire television sets behind mirrors to maintain the beauty and aesthetic vision of your home.

Quick Tip:

TV and speaker locations should be discussed with your architect early in the project to ensure proper placement and to prevent conflicts with structural elements.

Home Theaters and Media Rooms


Enjoy the show!

Imagine going to the movies without ever leaving your home. We have years of experience designing and engineering state of the art home theaters – and the awards to prove it. By combining the finest video and audio equipment with acoustical treatments, your new home theater is sure to be everyone’s favorite room of the house.

Our architecturally discreet devices can conceal speakers and even entire screens. Your family and friends will be amazed by the beautiful ambiance we can create.

Quick Tip:

Before designing your dream media room, imagine how you intend to use it. Will you be watching scary movies in the dark? Entertaining during the big game? The lighting you choose can drastically affect the required light output of your projector.

Lighting Control


Let there be light.

The ability to control and customize lighting in any space is at your fingertips. Effortlessly adjust light and shade levels throughout your entire home using an iPad, iPhone, remote, wall-mounted keypad or tabletop control.

With Paul Heath you can save energy and add ambiance with Lutron Smart switches and dimmers. Astronomical timing devices allow interior and exterior lighting to be controlled with the rising and setting of the sun. Our smart system also memorizes the daily lighting usage patterns when you are at home and can replay them when you are away for added assurance.

When interfaced with your home security system, an alarm can trigger every light in your home to turn on and can flash exterior lights to signal emergency personnel.

Quick Tip:

Dimming your lighting just 10% saves energy and can double the life of your bulb.

Motorized Window Treatments


Made in the shade.

Integrate all of your treatments with our stunning combination of design and technology. Paul Heath can provide, install and maintain all of the motorized window treatments for your home or business.

From simple UV blocking sheer shades to complex motorized drapery tracks and roman shades, we have an expansive array of styles to choose from. Fabrics range from simple sheers to elegant, heavy fabrics and woven woods.

Quick Tip:

Windows facing east, south or west drastically increase your heating and cooling costs. Put nature on your side (and reduce your energy bill) by using a timer to automatically open or close your window treatments.

HVAC Control


Experts in efficient heating and cooling.

Paul Heath designs, programs and provides HVAC and Direct Digital Control (DDC) for the most complex mechanical systems. Our engineers will work with your mechanical contractor to provide the highest level of comfort, control and efficiency. As with all of our products, we offer architecturally discreet designs and devices so that the focus is always on your home – not your hardware.

Quick Tip:

The top complaint among homeowners is a room being too hot or cold. This issue is directly related to poorly designed and/or improper implementation of heating and cooling systems.

Networking & Enterprise Grade Wireless Networks


Make dropped signals, connection issues and interference a thing of the past.

When we say that our networking systems can handle any volume of communication while performing at lightning fast speed and maximum security – it’s not just a figure of speech. With Paul Heath Associates, the wireless network in your home can be identical to the one inside the Chicago Board of Trade. If the CBOT can trust the system to handle millions of dollars in transactions a day, you can trust it to take care of your home.
This technology provides seamless interaction between our system and all of your devices from iPads to tabletop remotes no matter where you may be.

Quick Tip:

The size of your home drastically affects the type and amount of equipment used for your wireless system. Thicker walls, millwork and masonry all necessitate a more robust Wi-Fi system. Whether your house is 3-5k sq. ft., 8k sq ft. or above – we’ve got you covered.

Security System Installation & Monitoring


Keeping what is most precious to you safe and secure.

Protect your home and family by installing a custom designed alarm monitoring system by Paul Heath Security. Paul Heath has 40 years of industry and installation experience and is the right choice for all your security needs. We take pride in delivering innovative design and providing levels of support well beyond industry standards.

Surveillance Systems


Keep an Eye on your Investment.

Paul Heath understands the two most critical components in home security: recording devices and cameras. Whether you want to watch a video of your property with high resolution IP camera systems in real time or integrate those cameras to record content that can identify thieves and vandals for prosecution purposes – we can create a system that works for you and your home.

Quick Tip:

Make sure to think about your surveillance needs early – camera placement should be discussed with your architect as soon as possible. Keep in mind the amount of recording time and the quality of the cameras as these are major factors that quickly drive up your costs.

System Integration


We put it all together.

Protect your home and the people in it by integrating your security with the other systems in your home. Paul Heath Associates can tailor the right option to take your existing security system to the next level. For instance, if your security alarm was activated, Paul Heath could program the system to pulse all of your lights and even play a loud sound over all the speakers in your home – attracting attention while disorienting the intruder.

Finger Print Identification


Access at your fingertips.

Our modern finger print reader eliminates the need for pins, keys and cards to gain access into a secure area. Simply place your finger on the reader, and in less than one second our device confirms or denies access based on a database of fingerprints from authorized users. Special settings allow you to control who can enter your home and when. Restrict access to certain times of the day so that you can always know who is in – and out – of your home.

Telephone and Teleconferencing Systems


Speak face-to-face – a million miles away.

Make long distance communications clear and simple with the most advanced video teleconferencing systems on the market today. High definition video and superior audio allows you to field meetings from inside your home with crystal clear quality. You’ll never have to worry again about poor connections or lag.

We also design and install commercial grade telephone systems to help you easily manage incoming calls and internal paging.

Quick Tip:

While cordless phones can be a great communication option, having too many can be problematic. They tend to all end up in one location.